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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Being in the brick business, I want to find out from you if you have ever seen bricks used for patios that have a ROUNDED edge at one end that would be used for a bordered pario. The rounded edge brick to be used only at the border so that it won’t have a sharp edge finish to it. Just curious if there are such bricks. Someone I know was saying he though he had heard or seen it – so wanted to clarify with a brick specialist. Thank you for your response.

A: Yes there is, use a Robinson brick, that is a modular brick tumbled edges.

Q: We are in the process of building a house in Missouri. I really like your website and it appears that your company does great work. I was looking under the house pictures and like the combination of brick and stone used on picture #15. If you would be willing to tell me what brick/stone was used on that house, I would greatly appreciate it.

A: The brick is called Versales and is no longer made. The good news, is that the rock is still in production and is called Coastal Sandstone. Harristone is the manufacturer, and here is their website

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